So you've never eaten at a traditional Greek restaurant, but the table is booked and now you have to figure out what to order. If you're looking at the menu, you might be confused by a lot of the options, but this simple guide will give you a quick explanation on what you might want to order for each course. 

To start, you might want to consider tiropita. Tiropita is a pastry based appetiser. The word "pita" in Greek cuisine means pie, so this particular dish is a cheese pie. Typically made from a flaky pastry and feta cheese, though there are many variations and each restaurant's recipe may be unique, this layered pie is a light and easy way to try Greek food for the first time, assuming you like cheese and pie of course!

For the main course, if you're a seafood lover, consider shrimp saganaki. This dish is often served in the skillet it was cooked in and is almost like a stew. It is often accompanied by bread to dip into the thick tomato sauce, and of course is packed with shrimp. Shrimp saganaki commonly has feta cheese giving it an extra punch of flavour.

If you're not a big fan of shrimp, however, you might prefer moussaka. A layered dish (Think lasagna!), moussaka has a variety of flavours and typically consists of aubergine, minced beef, potatoes, and tomatoes, and is often topped with a cheese sauce. Of course, there are lots of different versions of Moussaka, and everywhere will have their own twist on this classic.

For dessert, the most common choice in Greek cuisine is baklava. This may look similar to the tiropita with its flaky pastry, but the baklava packs a lot of sweetness in those layers. Between the pastry, chopped walnuts, and the syrup drizzled on top, this dessert is a perfect way to end your first Greek meal.

If you're feeling adventurous, no Greek culinary experience would be complete with Ouzo, an anise flavoured liqueur famous in Greece. Some will tell you it's best to start the meal with this drink, others will tell you to finish the night with it, but you won't regret it no matter when you order it.

Naturally, these suggestions don't even begin to cover the wide range of options that will likely appear on menus at restaurants like Kalidonis Hotels, so why not try something new or ask the waiter for their recommendation?