If your best girlfriend has just announced her plan to get married, you may be over the moon with excitement. You're going to get to help her pick the dress, and if you're really lucky, she may even choose you to be one of the bridesmaids. Yet while all of this will take a lot of planning and will definitely take up a lot of time in the weeks and months ahead, don't forget that you may also be responsible for booking the all-important hen party in advance of the big weekend.

At one time, this type of party would simply be an excuse to get drunk by doing a pub crawl, but these days you can become increasingly more sophisticated while enjoying the occasion more. In particular, you may want to take advantage of a really cool new trend for this year, so what should you introduce to all your girlfriends?

Doing Yoga

Why not plan your hen party around a yoga experience? You may think that these two activities are as different as chalk and cheese, but this is the big trend of the year and many groups are incorporating yoga in one shape or another.

Starting off Slowly

Certainly, not every hen party needs to be completely crazy, and it would be nice to actually remember what happened for a change. In this case, you may want to book a meditation or rejuvenating yoga session for the group at a particularly relaxing destination. At the least, this type of activity would make sure that you all have enough energy for any crazy party that may follow.

Considering Over-the-Top Options

If you want to go all out and simply cannot imagine anything too passive, then you might like to book a yoga rave. This type of party can be even more fun than any conventional, 'letting your hair down' activity, as everyone involved experiences the same type of reaction in a group, rather than as an individual. Some practitioners also try and incorporate an element of acrobatics into their yoga, and you could further incorporate that into your rave event. You're only really limited by your imagination if you talk with the right practitioners in this area, and you can further theme your party so everyone in attendance has a riot.

Taking Care of the Details

Make sure that you choose a great destination and ideally away from your local town so that you get maximum enjoyment from this new experience. In order to ensure that you all arrive and can leave safely, forget individual transportation and book a special, hen night bus hire to extend the party.